Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2017-07-23T18:07:12+00:00
Is there any profanity or nudity in VICTORY BY SUBMISSION?2017-07-23T18:09:10+00:00

No. There will never be any profanity or nudity in any Church First Film.

Is there a LOT of violence in VICTORY BY SUBMISSION?2017-07-23T18:08:38+00:00

No. But there are some fighting scenes in VICTORY BY SUBMISSION that are essential to the story and very realistic. In fact, many that have seen the film say that the fight scenes are some of the best and most realistic fight sequences they have ever seen on film. However, even though the fight action is exciting and realistic, it is not gratuitous or “over the top”. We have had thousands of people see the film and many brought their children, some as young as ten years old. We have not, at this point, had any complaints concerning the level of violence in the film. In fact, one of the main themes of the film is to rebuke wanton violence and exalt the act of mercy. There are also several scenes involving PTSD and alcoholism that could be categorized as “gritty” in nature but those scenes have been carefully written, constructed and shot in such a way that the desired powerful impact is achieved while also respecting the boundaries of good taste.

Is VICTORY BY SUBMISSION a movie just about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?2017-07-23T18:08:02+00:00

No. Not anymore than COURAGEOUS was just a story about cops or FIREPROOF was just a story about firemen or FACING THE GIANTS and WOODLAWN were just stories about football. VICTORY BY SUBMISSION is a story of love, redemption, restoration, faith and mercy set in the tough, desperate world of local MMA.

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